Provisional Date for First Holy Communion: Saturday October 3rd @11am
This date may have to change if the Government changes ‘gathering rules due to COVID-19’. Numbers in the church are limited to: 2 Adults & First Communicant.
We hope that this special day can happen on the 3rd.
Keep an eye on the website for updates during the summer holidays.

Click on message April 24th re: First Communion Taking Place

In the meantime and so that we’re ready at ‘the drop of a hat’ please practice the First Confession & Communion Prayers and Songs

Please click on the links below to ‘go over and practice’ First Confession and Communion Prayers & Songs:

Meeting for Parents / Guardians
Tuesday February 25th @ 1.45 pm ( Shrove / Pancake Tuesday )
In New Community Centre at Church
Teachers, Fr. Bryan and 2nd class children will be there

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Special ‘Gathering’

Parents and First Communicants

Friday November 29th @ 1.45pm

Fr. Bryan will be there

First Communion will be celebrated on May 16th 2020 @ 11:00

First Holy Communion Meeting

Tuesday October 22nd @ 9.00 am

For  Parents / Guardians

Fr. Bryan and Br. Iggy will be there