A very warm welcome to our new St. Francis Junior School website.

St. Francis Junior School is a co-educational primary school under the patronage of the Archdiocese of Dublin. Whilst the school has a Catholic Ethos it respects the diversity of cultures, religious beliefs and traditions of all who attend the school and are part of its community. We operate under the Department of Education and Skills guidelines and curricular instruction.

The school was founded in 1977 and its first principal was Mr. Joe Finn ( RIP ). Although the senior school ( 3rd – 6th class ) is now adjacent to the junior school, it was our junior school which was here first !!

At the heart of our learning community is the holistic development of each child and we endeavour to help each child reach his / her full physical, social, emotional, spiritual and academic potential. We strive to achieve this in a safe, structured, positive and caring community.

St. Francis Junior School is part of the Department of Education and Skills funded ‘Delivering Equality of Opportunity in Schools’, DEIS, initiative. The DEIS Plan 2017 sets out the ‘Department’s vision for education to more fully become a proven pathway to better opportunities for those in communities at the risk of disadvantage and social exclusion’.

The school’s Mission Statement ( as adopted in 1990 ) is:

‘’Our aim is to create a welcoming school, committed to nurturing children, in partnership with our community, in a respectful and inclusive environment.’’

The school’s Vision Statement ( as adopted in 1990 ) is:

‘’We  in  St.  Francis  Junior  School  celebrate the  unique  qualities  of  all  of  the  children in  our  care  and  hope  to  assist  each  one to  reach  their  full  potential.

By  enhancing  their  self-esteem  and self-confidence  we  will  help  them  to develop  an  understanding  of God’s  love  and  prepare  them  for  their  future  role  as  a responsible adult.’’