Junior Infants Already Enrolled for September 2020:
Our HSCL teacher, Ms. O Driscoll contacted all parents/guardians by phone in June. She invited parents/guardians to the school with their child to receive a Welcome Pack. The sun was shining that day and we had a great turn out.
We posted information to you at the end of June about our school and included tips on preparing your child for school in September.
Ms. O Driscoll will phone all parents/guardians during August to inform them when their child will be starting school as we are using a ‘staggered start’. Children in junior infants will either start on Wednesday 2nd or Thursday 3rd.

Keep an eye on the website in Academic Year 2020-2021.

Junior Infant Parents / Guardians who have not completed / not submitted Enrolment Form for September 2020:
Our Junior Infant classes are organised for September, but should you wish to enroll your child or see if there is a place available for him/her:
***Email the school stfrancisjs17@gmail.com with your inquiry
***Submit your name, address, phone number, child’s name and age, pre-school details
***We will contact you in due course
***Please call our HSCL teacher if you have any queries. Her phone number is on our website***